A complete guide to Wedding Thank-You Notes

This is a topic of much deliberation and many questions. Your big, fantastic day is over and you realise just how many beautiful presents, gifts, and well wishes you received before, during and after your wedding day. You need to say thank-you to everyone, but the task seems overwhelming. Where did you put all the addresses? Who got you what? What do you say? When do you say thank-you and how?

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Our beautiful Wedding Workshop with Ethan Allen

In celebration of our exciting new collaboration with Ethan Allen, we hosted a few days ago our latest Wedding Workshop in their stunning showroom on Sheikh Zayed Road. And what a magical evening it was! We had the immense pleasure and honour to welcome Dubai’s leading wedding experts who met and chatted with our lovely brides-to-be, giving them precious advice for the perfect wedding.

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Wedding planning little tips … from brides to brides

Planning your wedding and already overwhelmed by the millions of tips and advice everyone is throwing at you? From your mum to your wedding planner, to your best friend or even your favorite wedding blogger, everyone has an opinion on how you should do things.
So we thought: who would be the best persons to give you those real practical and relevant little tips to make sure your wedding goes as smoothly as possible? Real brides of course!  Fabulous brides who managed to overcome all the stress and panic attacks to make their big day as beautiful and magical as they dreamt it to be.
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