Lovely pretty things

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure to sponsor the beautiful and inspiring Product Styling Workshop organized by The Engage Academy. The acclaimed blogger & stylist extraordinaire Louise Beukes and the very talented photographer Maria Sundin shared with the Dubai wedding industry some precious advice on how to make pretty pictures of basically any item you can think of, from a plate to a wedding cake to a business card.
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The 5 Top Winter Bridal Fashion Trends for 2014-2015

In collaboration with Arabia Weddings, offers you some tips and advice on how to select your wedding gownNow that the New York Bridal Market 2014 is over, it is only normal that new bridal fashion trends have emerged. Bridal fashion trends for winter 2014/2015 are simply beautiful and timeless. Here are some trends that you will be seeing this winter:

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Interview with Louma, Founder of Design by Louma

Hi Louma,  Can you briefly introduce yourself for our readers? Hello I am Louma Bardawil Bevaart originally from Lebanon, I am married and we have a lovely daughter Noor. Dubai is our home away from home. I arrived here in 2005 and joined as a graphic designer a reputable international advertising agency. As time passed, and with encouragement from all of my family and friends, I realized there was a big potential in the luxury invitation business so I started my company in 2013 and have been focusing on providing custom design work.
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