A really helpful gift for mothers-to-be in the UAE


We have partnered with DubaikidCare to provide you with the best service for your babysitting, maternity coaching & share care needs in the UAE.

Maternity coaching with Dubaikidcare
Maternity coaching with Dubaikidcare

Dubaikidcare helps you find the right baby-sitter for your children. It also offers coaching sessions to help you through your pregnancy and prepare you to life after the new baby arrives.

View all the packages here and add one of them to your online baby registry.

متجر مشارك جديد: دبي كيد كير
مهمة دبي كيد كير هي توفير أفضل خدمة في مجالسة الأطفال، و التديب خلال الحمل و المشاركة في توفير الإحتياجات في الإمارات.

دبي كيد كير يساعدك علي إيجاد جليسة الأطفال المناسبة لأولادك. و هو أيضا يوفر جلسات تدريب لتسهل عليك مرحلة الحمل و تجهزك لحياتك الجديدة بعد أن تلدي طفلك الجديد.

للمزيد من المعلومات و للتفاصيل، زر:

للتعرف علي كل العروض من دبي كير زر:

لا تنسوا أن تكونوا السجل الخاص بطفلكم علي موقع ماي ليست:


Baby gift of the week: baby bottle set by Chloe

This adorable baby bottle set by Chloe available in Galeries Lafayette The Dubai Mall is the most fashionable accessory for your newborn baby girl.

chloe-bottle-holderAdd it to your online baby registry on www.mylist.ae and send the link to your family and friends.


Prenatal fitness class in Dubai with Urban Energy and MyList

Last Tuesday, a group of our bravest pregnant clients attended our prenatal fitness class with Urban Energy, one of MyList partners. Prenatal fitness classes are specifically designed for expecting mothers.

Prenatal fitness class in the park
Essential accessories: bring your own water bottle & sun hat. Urban Energy will provide you with mats and weights

Amy, our Urban Energy coach, is specialized in pre and post-natal fitness classes and provided us with tips and advice about fitness during pregnancy.

She will always adapt your exercise regime to your individual needs, level of fitness and of course, due date!

Amy from Urban Energy
Bumps working out

Everyone had a lot of fun doing the different exercises: from weightlifting to leg movements, bumps were working out!

Elisabeth expecting her fourth baby in December

Thank you MyList for this great fitness session this morning. Tested and approved: Nice environment, friendly people, great coaching…and music!!” (Elisabeth, 32 years old and expecting her fourth baby in December)

Wild cats

I am 14 weeks pregnant with my third baby and have always had an idea about prenatal classes, yet this was the first time I attend one and I loved it, simple, easy end even though I haven’t worked out since the beginning of my pregnancy” (Zeina, mother of two little girls and expecting a baby in April 2013)

Yes you can do it!
Legs movements in progress
Easy even with a bump
Zeina 14 weeks pregnant of her third baby

Aude expecting twins for January!

Aude (expecting baby number 3 and baby number 4 in January): “I will definitely come back to maintain a healthy weight gain!

So why not treat yourself with Urban Energy fitness classes or even offer health and fitness to your friend for her baby shower! It will definitely be an original and useful gift for a mother-to-be. If you are not able to attend all the sessions before the birth join their post natal classes!

MyList is the first online multi-store gift registry in UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. If you are living in the UAE and are expecting a baby very soon or baby is just born, set up a baby registry with us for FREE. With MyList, you have the possibility to create a wish list for you, a friend or relative at any time, prior or after the Big Day.

Join Urban Energy every Sunday at 6.15 pm, every Tuesday at 10 am and on Friday at 9 am for their prenatal fitness classes.

Most popular baby names in 2012/2013

I have just read a very interesting article in a French magazine about the most popular baby names in France this year.

As soon as I found out I was expecting my first child, I started imagining what my future baby would look like: would she inherit my looks and brains or would she be unfortunate enough to inherit her father’s? 😉

Of course, I quickly realised that EVERYONE (and I do mean everyone, even strangers on the tube) wanted to talk to me about: BABY NAMES. I always thought it was a completely personal and private matter, but the rest of the world somehow did not share my views!
Please not that name, I knew a girl named like this in Primary School and she was really mean! … Please don’t call him/her like this, it was the name of my late guinea pig

…and this won’t stop after your baby’s birth! “he/she is so cute and what’s his/her name???” and you will know straight away if the person asking likes it or not…

And so, if you are currently expecting (or hoping to be) and living in the UAE, you will find below the most popular baby names around the world in 2012.

Read them, speak about it with your husband/wife, relax and think about your little bundle of joy! 😉

…and if you can’t make your choice among well-known names, you can always create your own: EK (like this baby boy born in an Emirates flight) or Emirates!

1. Amelia 1. Emma 1. Sophia
2. Olivia 2. Jade 2. Isabella
3. Lily 3. Zoé 3. Emma
4. Jessica 4. Manon 4. Olivia
5. Emily 5. Inès 5. Ava
1. Harry 1. Lucas 1. Jacob
2. Oliver 2. Nathan 2. Mason
3. Jack 3. Mathis 3. William
4. Alfie 4. Louis 4. Jayden
5. Charlie 5. Hugo 5. Noah

See articles about popular baby names in the UK, in France, in USA, Please do not hesitate to send us articles about the most popular baby names in the UAE and muslim baby names and we would be happy to write about it!

MyList Team