How to plan the perfect baby shower in the UAE – part one

Generally, it falls under the responsibility of the best friend or a female family member to organise the baby shower. MyList have some tips for you on how to throw the perfect one in the UAE.

Baby Shower by MyList - Decoration by Julie and Romeo - Photo by Daniella Baptista
Baby Shower by MyList – Decoration by Julie and Romeo – Photo by Daniella Baptista

About baby shower organisation

Tip #1: pick a host

 Originally, baby showers may not be held in the mother’s or sister of the mother-to-be’s house, but rules have changed now, and the shower can be hosted at whoever house one wants. Additionally, ancient etiquette of inviting the father or father-to-be and his friends but today’s baby showers can be called for, and so the men are welcome as well under the obvious approval of mother or mother-to-be.

Tip #2: Make a guest list

A baby shower is an important event, where one has to be surrounded by friends and family. Invite aunt, sisters, cousins and best friends. Colleagues or close business partners may also be welcome. That way, you will be able to determine the quantity of food and drinks and make sure you haven’t forgotten anybody.




Tip #3: Choose a fun invitation

An original invitation will encourage the guests to come. Choose a theme and ask a card designer or a talented friend to help you.

Baby Shower invitation by Alouane
Baby Shower invitation by Alouane



Tip #4: Send your invitation three weeks in advance

By sending your invitations early, your friends and family will have time to make room in their agenda. Also, for a more traditional effect, send invitations by mail. Don’t forget to specify a date for RSVP!

Tip #5: First or second child?

Baby showers are always more extravagant for the first newborn. If you are hosting a baby shower for a second child, you don’t have to make it such a big event. Just invite really close friends and family.

About baby shower decoration

Tip #6: Simple flowers

A simple bouquet represents the simplicity of beauty just like a newborn child. No need for an extravagant masterpiece.

Baby Shower flowers
Decoration by Julie & Romeo – Picture by Daniella Baptista


Tip #7: Alternative seating

A very common problem is seating. To make sure none of your guests are forced to stand up, put in a dozen extra chairs or provide throw pillows or ottomans for your guests to sit on.

Decoration by Julie and Romeo – Picture by Daniella Baptista

Tip #8: Provide a theme

Themes are always more fun, even though it depends which ones. Try a coloured theme with pastel colours, depending on the baby’s gender. Whatever you do, keep it minimal, you want the attention to be on your belly bump, not the decorations.

Decoration by Julie and Romeo - Picture by Daniella Baptista
Decoration by Julie and Romeo – Picture by Daniella Baptista


Tip #9: Candy decoration

Garnish your baby shower table with flute glasses, vases or jars, each filled with a coupling of jelly bean flavours (ex: coconut and pineapple, lemon and lime, cherry and vanilla).

Decoration by Julie and Romeo – Picture by Daniella Baptista

Tip #10: Gifts table

Instead of filling the central table or buffet with a centrepiece, let it be filled by your guests presents. Stack it all in a elegant pile to make it eye-pleasing. With MyList, you can organise a baby shower wish list together with the mother-to-be and we will make sure to deliver all the gifts for the party.

MyList have more tips about baby shower catering and gifts selection next week.


Luxury Baby Shower Event at the Dubai Mall

Baby Shower invite FINAL

We have partnered with some of the leading vendors in the baby industry in the UAE to provide mothers-to-be and their friends with the best tips on how to organise a luxury baby shower. All pictures were taken by Dubai-based photographer, Daniella Baptista.

Theophile & Patachou store

Julie & Romeo set up
Julie & Romeo set up


Theophile & Patachou collection
Theophile & Patachou collection

Held at the stunning Theophile & Patachou store in The Dubai Mall, this event featured a fabulous team of experts carefully selected by Experts provided information and answer questions on a range of different topics including, setting up an online baby registry, baby shower set up, give-aways, baby photography and nursery essentials for your newborn.

20 mothers-to-be and friends were present and enjoyed the talk and delicious pastries from Laduree.

MyList workshop


Baby shower participants







Laduree give-aways

Participants to Mylist event
Participants to Mylist event


Theophile & Patachou – situated on Level 2 at The Dubai Mall, Theophile & Patachou is one of the most luxurious baby stores in Dubai. This is where the Children of Royalties and Celebraties buy their furniture and accessories.











Julie & Romeo – a company specialized in Emirati & Middle East weddings and which organises unique and stunning set-ups for baby showers. Julie shared her best tips on how to organise a baby event.

Julie from Julie and; Romeo
Julie from Julie and; Romeo



Laduree, the famous Parisian tea salon specialising in macaroons introduced our participants with its baby shower range and unique collection of give-aways.

Laduree amazing pastries


Theophile and Patachou accessories
Theophile and Patachou accessories


Katkoot – a locally based company that offers free maternity bags for mothers-to-be and new mums in the UAE. Katkoot ladies distributed free samples during the event.


Alessandra, Mylist baby registry specialist














Daniella Baptista, our photographer for this unique event showed her work and talked about the importance of having professional pictures taken of a newborn baby.

Daniella is happiest with a camera in her hand. Back home in Brazil, she studied Fine Art and Industrial Design. But it was in London that Photography came to be the focus of her life. 



To register for the next baby event, please send an email at You can start your online baby registry

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Interview of Julie from Julie and Romeo, a Dubai Wedding Organizer

Hi Julie, please quickly introduce yourself: Where are you from and when did you move to Dubai?  Are you married? etc… What is your background?  Hi, my name is Julie. I am French and I came to live in Dubai 7 years ago. I got married in Dubai six years ago and we are now living here with Romeo, our little dog (editor’s note: Cavalier King Charles).

I studied Art and Literature in Paris and did some modelling, both of which gave me the opportunity to work in Dubai in the modelling and luxury events industries.

What is JULIE AND ROMEO WEDDINGS? Julie and Romeo Weddings is a wedding organising company: it organises the collaboration of events organisers, koosha (carpenters), lighting specialists, sound and video experts, flower suppliers and entertainment managers. We offer tailor-made experiences to suit our clients’ specifications. We provide them with a 360° solution for their wedding.

When and why did you start JULIE AND ROMEO WEDDINGS? When I arrived in Dubai, I worked in luxury events industry but I wanted to get back to my art background and the wedding was the good combination of coordination, public relations & creativity. I founded JULIE AND ROMEO WEDDINGS in June 2011.

What is unique about JULIE AND ROMEO WEDDINGS?  We provide a unique concept for weddings. Each of our designs is unique to our clients! Like an artist painting a canvas, I am here to provide my creativity to the happy couple and make sure that the guests will not leave the party without having learnt something about the couple.

Furthermore, for each wedding, Julie and Romeo Weddings give a percentage of their own profit to charity (MSF). Romeo is the face of this part of our company.

How do you work with the future brides-to-be and grooms? Part of the creation process, which I love the most is meeting the bride and groom in order to understand their personal story; I then create a customised concept reflecting their personalities and cultures. Being close to the bride-to-be is essential to me and I usually end up becoming her confident during the wedding organisation.

What nationalities are your clients usually? Most of my clients are Middle Easterners (Emiratis, Iranians, Lebaneses…) and of course European people too.

What are the specificities of the weddings you organise? Designing Koosha is the most specific part of my work. In the UAE, Koosha is the stage and decor put in place to introduce the engaged couple to the guests. It is also where the wedding ceremony will take place. For Emirati weddings, the bride is alone on stage (with an exclusively female audience) and displays her wedding dress. Everyone must be able to see her (editor’s note: average number of guests: 1000). Every bride should feel like a princess on her special day.

For Iranian weddings, the stage is called sofreh, which is the ceremony area: every detail has a special signification (for example, candelabras are the symbol of fire and energy, large mirror brings light & brightness into the future of the couple…). Audience is shared between male and female guests and the couple sits together in front of sofreh.

What is the average cost of a wedding organized in the UAE? The average cost for a décor depends on the type of wedding you wish to organise. It ranges from AED 20,000 to no limits!!! (laughs)

What are the new trends for 2012/2013 Wedding season? 2012/2013 trends are modern and “épuré” (i.e. uncluttered). Decor with not too many details or simple & elegant ones in contradicton with the tradition.

In your opinion, what are the best ingredients to organize a wonderful wedding? The 5 senses! I believe that each individual has one sense more astute than the others. We believe we should stimulate each guest’s 5 senses in order to make the Wedding an overwhelmingly unforgettable experience for each of them. 

What are the common mistakes to avoid when planning your wedding? Ballroom selection. usually, people choose the venue depending on the place’s notoriety. Unfortunately, this doesn’t take into account the reality of logistics and costs.

What is your favorite Wedding memory?  When I feel like a member of the couple’s family.

What is your worst Wedding memory?  When all the lights went out before the groom’s entrance! Those were the five longest minutes of my life! Luckily for us, we used plan B: lit by candles, we improvised a speech about love bringing light to our hearts… just before the lights came back on! (laughs)

What are the traditional Wedding gifts?  For Emirati people, perfumes, jewels, fabrics, incense (…) offered before the Wedding date, usually during the engagement party.

For Iranian people, gifts are usually offered on the day of the Wedding and are very varied (with an European influence).

What is your opinion about an online gift registry service in the UAE (as MyList)?  I am certain that Emirati couples would love this service as they are usually looking for suppliers to help them organizing their Wedding. Family of the groom has to offer plenty of gifts to the bride-to-be and would love to get some helpful assistance. 

And for any expat couple living in the UAE and getting married, an online gift registry is definitively a must-have!

What is the one piece of advice that you would like to give to our readers that are getting married? It is very important to create a bond with your wedding organiser to make absolutely sure he/she will fulfil your dreams… and listen to your heart!

Watch a video of a wedding organised by Julie and Romeo Weddings:

You can also visit her blog. Please do not hesitate to ask Julie questions about your wedding.

Wedding event – Saturday 26th, 2012 at Emirates Tower Hotel

On Saturday, MyList was participating to a Wedding event organized by White at Emirates Tower Hotel.

We met couples who are getting married this year and we were very happy to register a Wedding List for them on our website.

A special thank you to Mona for organizing this very nice event and to Julie from Julie & Romeo for taking pictures on this special day.

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