So You’re Having a Boy! The Cutest Items for Your New Arrival.

A tiny new addition to your life will be arriving soon, a baby! You have been awaiting their arrival for three quarters of a year (a long time when you are literally carrying them!) And, you know the sex….it’s a boy! Emotions are paramount: excitement, nerves, joy, happiness, worry (if you are anything like me!); but more than anything there is a sense of anticipation and organization. What do you need to get in preparation for your new little boy? What does he need?

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Newborn Checklist for First-time Mothers

By Mini Exchange.
Becoming a mother for the first time is an exquisitely, amazing experience. However, it can also be quite daunting. Despite all the planning leading up to the big moment, it’s common for new mothers to question whether they have prepared enough. This helpful checklist for first-time mothers includes the more important clothing items you’ll require for your newborn’s first year, and it suggests a few ideas of what to include in your baby registry at MyList.

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Interview with Louma, Founder of Design by Louma

Hi Louma,  Can you briefly introduce yourself for our readers? Hello I am Louma Bardawil Bevaart originally from Lebanon, I am married and we have a lovely daughter Noor. Dubai is our home away from home. I arrived here in 2005 and joined as a graphic designer a reputable international advertising agency. As time passed, and with encouragement from all of my family and friends, I realized there was a big potential in the luxury invitation business so I started my company in 2013 and have been focusing on providing custom design work.
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