So You’re Having a Boy! The Cutest Items for Your New Arrival.

A tiny new addition to your life will be arriving soon, a baby! You have been awaiting their arrival for three quarters of a year (a long time when you are literally carrying them!) And, you know the sex….it’s a boy! Emotions are paramount: excitement, nerves, joy, happiness, worry (if you are anything like me!); but more than anything there is a sense of anticipation and organization. What do you need to get in preparation for your new little boy? What does he need?

Its a boy

Well, if any of the above describes you then this blog will help. Below are some of the cutest items for your brand new little one! And, we have included the ‘needs’, as well as the ‘that’s-so-cute-wants’.
The Needs
‘Needs’ are really all the practical items you have to get for your little boy that can sometimes be easily forgotten over all the tiny socks, teddy bears, and cute toys.
Who’s on nappy duty?
When he needs his nappy changed, where are you doing to do that? A bathroom surface isn’t ideal….doable, but not ideal. You need a dedicated area where you can get down to the smelly business. No one wants a house full of nappies. You need something like the white Changing table and bath from Theophile and Patachou. This multipurpose hanging table provides you with somewhere to change your little boy, with the addition of shelves of lower storage to keep all you need right at your fingertips. You won’t be scrambling and panicking for a baby wipe, or some talc as you will be able to have it all there at the ready. Plus….it’s really simple and so beautiful. Theophile & Patachou, AED 4500 > Add to my list 


Clean that kid!
Another ‘need’ that can really help out with the arrival of a newborn is the Digi Bath We love this! It comes in five colours so you can choose whatever you think suits your little man, and it’s so practical! It can weigh your son, and it continuously maintains temperature control so you don’t have to worry about whether the water is too hot or too cold. Just to add to its value, it can accommodate your boy up until he is 12 months old. Mapyr Dubai, AED 249. > Add to my list 


Sally Sorted!
With the new arrival of your little man there will slowly but surely be toys…..everywhere. He (and you) will need storage for the ton (no doubt) of toys he will receive in his early years. This Blue Stripe Storage Bag will help to keep the place tidy and trip free. Really….it’s a present for parent and child. The White Company, AED 132. >  Add to my list 



The Baby-mobile
You have probably already thought about what kind of buggy, pram, or push chair you want for your little boy; I mean, it is an essential right? You need something practical but you want it to look cute too! Baby Zen Yoyo Stroller is where it’s at. This famous buggy is  super practical, super compact and it’s suitable for your little boy from the moment he is born up until he is four years old!  Plus it will be lovely and comfortable for all the park trips, mall visits, as well as traveling. DbBabies, AED 1199.  > Add to my list 


Meal-time Messiness
Babies like to eat, and the older they get the messier it gets. This Phil&Ted Lobster Portable Highchair is a fabulous item to have close by if you are a family on the go. You can take it pretty much anywhere; its lightweight, easy to use, and let’s face it….it can potentially keep messy food and fingerprints fairly contained. Need, need, need! Phil&Teds, AED 399. >  Add to my list 



The Wants:
Ah, the ‘wants’! All the super cute, tincy-tiny things you see that just make you think of how much your little boy would love them/it. The following items are just too cute to ignore, and a great way to celebrate your new arrival.
Fashion savvy tots
All-in-one rompers…you will need a lot of them! Babies literally live in them (jealous much?), and they are actually quite useful items of clothing-you can never have too many for the new man in your life. This Petit Bateau Milleraies Sttripped Cotton Pyjama is super cute and comfy for your little one. He has been protected in your warm, cosy tummy for 9 months; with this soft cotton and warmth he will feel right at home. Galeries Lafayette The Dubai Mall, AED 180. >  Add to my list 


Dream big, little one
Every new human on this Earth deserves a blanket to help them settle in. This Ferm Living Bear Quilted blanket is made of 100% soft, relaxed cotton and when well looked after can last for years. If any more siblings arrive, your little man can be the awesome big brother to pass on his blanket when he grows out of it. How sweet? Marmarland, AED 460. >  Add to my list 


Swirling Stimulation
When you are out and about, running errands, doing shopping, and driving it is pretty boring for the little tot in the back car seat. The Moulin Roty Stroller Actvitiy Swirl will fix this in a tick. Stick this on your little boys stroller, or car seat, and as described, it really is a ‘lifesaver’. It will give him some stimulation and keep him entertained and occupied while you get some of life’s boring stuff out of the way. Baby Souk, AED 185. >  Add to my list 


Seat for a king
This beautiful little personalized armchair will soon be your little prince’s favourite cozy place to read, watch TV or just sit and contemplate the world! Coochy Coo, AED 1840. >  Add to my list 


A Decoration Dynasty
This may be the cutest item of all, Sweet Baby Stickers! check them out! These decorations will look beautiful in your baby boy’s room; and it’s a lovely way to welcome him into the world. eWalls, AED 100. >  Add to my list 
So, there you have it; the cutest and most practical items for the arrival of your baby boy. With these additions to your life you will have organization worries out of the way, and have all the time in the world to enjoy the new little life that is now part of yours.
For many more gift ideas for your Baby Registry, visit our website:

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