20 Entertaining Essentials: must-haves at your Dinner Party

The festive season is upon us! Christmas, New Year, and an abundance of celebrations means one thing: parties! As a host, you want to stand out from the crowd. You want to present the most delicious food and drinks, and make it a party to remember; however with so much on your plate (pun intended!) it’s a little hard to keep on top of everything you need in order to fulfil your hosting duties.


When entertaining it’s easy to get caught up with what you are presenting, i.e. canapés, cakes, drinks etc; but it’s also easy to forget how you are presenting all this fabulousness! Here are 20 essential entertaining must-haves that will be sure to make your party stylish, classy, impressive, and one for the memory bank!
Tableware treasures
#1 Linen: one of the most important, yet most easily forgotten essentials when hosting a dinner party is your table linen. A fresh, sophisticated table cloth is inviting to your guests and makes them feel like you are ready to host. This 100% linen tablecloth from The Linen Souk is a beautiful welcome for your guests, and it shows that this is more than just a regular dinner to you- you’re treating it as the special occasion that it is.The Linen Souk, 600 AED > Add to my list 


#2 Placemats: similar to linen, this is an easily forgotten item that is actually quite important. Placemats give each individual guest an area that is theirs at the table. This may sound silly, but actually, no one wants to squeeze on the end where there isn’t really any space. Placemats show forethought and consideration for the number of guests you are accommodating; plus they look pretty, just like these Chilewich Pressed Gift beauties! Galeries Lafayette The Dubai Mall, AED 60 > Add to my list 


#3 Napkins- to be honest, napkins are just a little nicer to present to guests than kitchen paper roll or tissues. There will be no leaning over each other’s plates to reach for tissue, just place a napkin next to each guests setting and you’re done. These beautiful White Linen Napkins with an embroidered stag head are simple, understated, and do the job. The Linen Souk, AED 400 > Add to my list white napkin with stag head_1591289248
#4 Napkin holders: Ok…..so this may be a little fancy but why not? You don’t host dinner parties every day, and in the spirit of all things festive, why not push the boat out a little. The Esap napkin holders are just stunning, engraved in Arabic with the phrase ‘Bon Apetit’, they are just so wonderfully fitting for a dinner party. Scarabee, AED 600 > Add to my list
#5 Vases: keeping in line with what table treasures you need to have at a dinner party, vases are up there with the linen! An original vase such as this Flowerbed by D-Tales help to break up the table, especially if its big; and just adds a little tranquillity to a busy table. D-Tales, AED 497 > Add to my list


Servings fit for a King
#6 Serving platters: these are an essential for hosting any dinner party, especially if you will be serving canapés and small snacks before dinner begins. Serving food and a platter is a more social approach to a party, and allows the individual to decide how much or how little they want. L’object Evoca dish ovale platter is a simple and classic way to make sure your guests get all the best pickings of food. Tanagra, AED 1,635 > Add to my list 
lobjet evoca oval platter
#7 Serving spoons: having serving spoons for each dish just makes everything easier, especially if you are hosting a buffet style dinner party. Have a look at these simple, inexpensive Sambonet Living spoons and figure out how many you will need! Galeries Lafayette The Dubai Mall, AED 115 > Add to my list 
#8 Cutlery: never has there been a more awkward moment at a dinner party than when the host doesn’t have enough knives and forks! Don’t be this host! You want your guests to feel comfortable and welcomed, and as though they are allowed to eat! Check out this beautiful 30 piece WMF Jette Joop cutlery set, for a classic, sophisticated feel that’s worlds better than flimsy plastic. Tavola, AED 1,550 > Add to my list 
#9 Dinner plates: pretty obvious, I know! But this essential is more about the tone you are setting for your party. If you want a stand out statement set of plates then look no further than the Dhara Peacock dinner plate- fabulous! Galeries Lafayette The Dubai Mall, AED 329 > Add to my list 
#10 Glassware: You want glasses that suit whatever your guests are drinking; you don’t serve diet coke in a wine glass, and vice versa! The Bodum Pavina double wall glasses are the perfect set, they keep hot drinks hot, and cold drinks cold. Tavola, AED 295 > Add to my list 
#11 More Glassware: the Christofle Iriana flute glasses are a beautiful addition to the above glasses. They just add a touch more formality for those more decadent parties. Tanagra, 280 AED > Add to my list 
#12 Dessert servings: similar to serving platters, desserts need a great presentation. You may not have made the cake yourself (that’s ok!), but you still don’t want all the guests to see it in its box. A great cake set is the Dalal cake set, which allows you to present your dessert beautifully (with dessert plates too!), and again adds a little bit of occasion to your party. O’ de Rose, 2,650 AED > Add to my list 
A little background help
#13 Decanters: whether its water or wine, pouring beverages from a decanter is much more elegant and suitable for a dinner party than a plastic or glass bottle. The Riedel Horse decanter is unimposing, elegant, and perfect for serving your guests. Tavola, AED 1,500 > Add to my list 
#14 A bottle cooler: no one wants warm drinks, unless its tea or coffee! A bottle cooler can be kept in the background in the kitchen, but since your fridge is most likely full, it will just help you keep the cool tasty drinks flowing!  Tavola, AED 560 > Add to my list 
#15 Ice Buckets: to keep that drink cool once it’s out of the bottle cooler! The Black Toast Glass ice bucket is a great little gem to have at your drinks area. Even though you’ve already added ice to your guests’ drinks, give them a little control and provide ice on tap. Easy! Harvest Home, AED 630 > Add to my list 
#16 A set of teacups & saucer: master the art of after-dinner tea or coffee with this gorgeous set of golden cups. The perfect way to  finish your dinner party! The Urban Yogi, 325 AED > Add to my list 


#17 Cheeseboards: this really is essential if you are going to serve cheese and other little appetisers. Basically, at a dinner party cheese belongs on a board. It’s just how it’s done, and it doesn’t need to be fancy. This rectangular slate cheese board is understated and keeps your cheese at just the right serving temperature. Tavola, AED 115 > Add to my list 


#18 Appropriate knives: whether you are cutting cheese or steaks, the right knife is a must have. Having the correct knives show your guests you mean business, and that you have put in a lot of effort to how you present your food. The Sambonet Living cheese knife set shows just how much effort you’ve put in. Galeries Lafayette The Dubai Mall, AED 275 > Add to my list 
Lastly, setting the scene
#19 Lighting: during your dinner party it’s essential that you set the mood, and lighting is an important factor. The Gold Harvest tea lights are a gorgeously warm addition to your scene, and set the ambiance perfectly. Dubai Gifts, 185  AED > Add to my list 
#20 Smells: with all the food you are serving, smells may clash a little. The Esteban Perfume Mist Diffuser is a discreet way to counteract food smells and keep your party smelling fresh; and it can diffuse for up to 3 hours! Galeries Lafayette The Dubai Mall, 549 AED > Add to my list 

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