Interview with George Foster-Vincent, Head of Design at Ethan Allen UAE

We had the pleasure of meeting with George Foster-Vincent, Head of Design of our partner store Ethan Allen UAE. Super talented and totally passionate, he shares with us his best advice for creating the perfect love nest.

Good morning George, can you please introduce yourself to our readers?
Hi I’m George Foster-Vincent Head of Design of Ethan Allen UAE. I have been a part of the design industry for the past 13 years. I’m American with a Latin twist and living in Dubai for the past 2 years and half.
How would you describe the Ethan Allen aesthetic?
Ethan Allen aesthetic is modern with a classic perspective, it’s a place where you can shop different looks under one roof from classic French to country American without forgetting our timeless modern style.
Ethan Allen is clean, fresh, hip and cool. In addition to our signature looks we also have professional Interior Designers including myself that always are available to assist our clients as much or as little as they want.


In your opinion, what is the one knockout Ethan Allen item that HAS to be on every couples list?
Knockout items from Ethan Allen all depends on your personal style since our business core is to be able to assist our clients to customize our items to fit their lifestyle. I will say that an Ethan Allen Sofa is always a good way to introduce comfort to your home. We offer thousands of fabrics and a great quality of leather options that can translate any couples style to perfection.
You stock everything from décor to rugs and linens, and of course your  furniture department. What items are a newlyweds’ home not complete  without?
We do stock mostly everything in our Design Center and display it due to our high demand of furniture. Sometimes items get sold departing the USA or arriving to Dubai. A well-designed master bedroom is what most newlyweds need that best portrays their style.


What is your top tip for brides looking to curate a consistent look  throughout their new home?
Well in that case I always suggest my client’s to start with large items in areas as the living room and master bedroom. The key is to keep it neutral enough so that you can introduce pops of color such as accents like decorative sculptures, accents pillows, throws, wall art, etc. That is an easy way to bring your personality to life as you start the next step of your life journey together.
What would be the biggest interior design faux pas to avoid?
Do not allow your future or current in-laws, sister or best friends to design your home. Designing your home is so personal and a fun way to start your new life with your other half. Shopping for clothes or shoes is not the same as shopping for a sofa or bed!
 Any big trends for home interior design you would like to share with us?
Well design trends come and go. To all my future brides and newlyweds, follow your princess dreams and design your new home with love and a lot of personality because that is a trend that will never go out of fashion.
What would be your dream wedding gift?
An adventurous trip around the globe with my other half to be able explore life outside or everyday circle would be my dream wedding gift!
You can discover Ethan Allen gorgeous range of furniture and accessories and start selecting your favourite items for your registry on our website as well as in their amazing showroom where their expert design team will be delighted to assist you in creating your dream new home.

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