Your Wedding Anniversary: that special gift for that special day

Whether it’s a first or a fiftieth wedding anniversary, the day marks love, happiness and togetherness for you as a couple. It is a time for you to celebrate your other half even more than you usually do!

The weeks and months fly by in a blur all too often, and sometimes you may forget just how much you appreciate your marriage companion, your life partner. However, your anniversary arrives and you are reminded…but what can you gift to them to show them your appreciation, your love, your dedication?

Happy Anniversary

Well, there are the traditional gifts that mark milestones such as a 25th wedding anniversary; which is marked with some kind of silver. Or the 60th wedding anniversary which is known as the diamond celebration. These are the well-known ones, but what about the years in between? They are just as important as the one before, and the next to come.
Gifts to each other can be difficult to decide and can actually end up as a stressful event, but whatever you choose, it doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy. You know what your partner likes, but a little creative help wouldn’t go a miss eh?
Below are 10 gift ideas that will make your spouse’s heart flutter and skip a beat.
#1: The Old Soul
For the individual who loves archaic treasures, this beautiful Versailles Gold Tea Set by Roy Kirkham is just stunning. The porcelain tea set features delicate pink roses and whispers joy, love and beauty. Tavola, AED 980


#2: The Professional Fashionista

Dress your man how you treat him, beautifully! Cuff links are a classic and classy way to say ‘I love you’. He works hard at that office every day so show him that you understand that and instil your love and confidence into him. It may seem impersonal to some, but it really isn’t. As much as we wish it wasn’t, work is a huge part of our lives; having a reminder of you at work will help your husband remember what life is all about after those tough meetings. DTales, AED 2,109

mylist-dtales-smithgrey ivy noir gold cufflinks

#3: The Art Lover
Find a unique piece of art for your partner that will always remind them of the love you share with each other. Art doesn’t have to be on a canvas; it can be a piece of furniture, a vase, anything that appreciates your partner’s creative side. The piece below is a heart-warming reminder of what’s important in marriage and partnership. Objects & Elements, Laughing, AED 3,275.
#4: The Explorer
For the couple that loves nature and the outdoors, exploring together brings out such fun in a relationship. Reignite that exploration, don’t get caught up with tangible gifts- how about an experience that the two of you can share together as an anniversary celebration?The Just for You Dhow Trip in Musandam is the ultimate romantic gesture. Camp on a private beach and take in the breath taking views that the Arabian Gulf has to offer. Perfection! Arabian Expedition, AED 2,500.


#5: The Practical one
It may not sound like an ‘anniversary gift’ per se, but sometimes practicality can be one of the most thoughtful gifts of all. Maybe your spouse has recently changed an aspect of their lifestyle and needs your love and support to help them succeed. Why not make a healthy life choice together, after all, a healthy life is a happy life. This Euron juicer is suitable for a lovely Friday morning breakfast spent together, celebrating years of happiness and health. Better Life, AED 499


#6: The Big kid
Bring out the youth in your partners heart with a fun, active gift that will inevitably bring joy and laughter to their faces. The Smart Wheel Scooter is bound to do just that! Just keep in mind, you might not spend much of your anniversary in a relaxed state! Ashraf Electronics, AED

#7: The Writer

The next gift idea is by no means an inexpensive present, but it’s classic and timeless. The Mauboussin Le Premier Mot Fountain Pen will always stay close to your partner’s heart (especially in their suit breast pocket at work!) Just a little reminder that you care, respect and love their story telling, creative side. Let them pen the perfect love story. On a side note, you could take it that bit further and even get it engraved. Remind your love of the writer and creator they can be. Galeries Lafayette The Dubai Mall, AED 1,207


#8: The memory maker
Does your other half want to capture every moment with a photograph? Let them snap away until their heart is content with this fantastically unique gold Diana Mini Flash by Lomography. It’s a loving way to express how much you appreciate your partners caring side, and there is the added bonus of a cheeky selfie for every wedding anniversary to come. Snap snap snap away! O’de Rose, AED1,000


#9: The Jewellery friend
Diamonds are a girls best friend! But in all seriousness, you might not think jewellery is as creative as some of the other ideas, but it is guaranteed to be thoughtful and authentic. How about that watch your man is transfixed with? The Calvin Klein City watch is beautifully understated and a staple piece in any gentleman’s wardrobe. Galeries Lafayette The Dubai Mall, AED 850.


What woman would refuse some fancy jewels? A dainty pair of earrings or a fashion forward statement piece, you know what your ladies all about.
Have a look at the India Bangle Elephant piece, O’de Rose, AED1,850  or the Edblad Eternity earrings in rose gold, DTales, AED268

india-bangle-10586edblad eternity earrings

#10: The Traditionalist
Last but not least is the age old, traditional, simple; flowers or perfume. Don’t be afraid that it’s not a ‘grand gesture’. It is. This kind of gift is simple and compassionate; after a year of work, life, and living, sometimes a simple gift is what your partner will appreciate the most. It is just the right way to say ‘I love you’. Don’t forget, happiness isn’t measured in tangible items. Check out some of the beautiful flower bouquets below- simple, sophisticated and sensational! 800 Flower, AED 323.


Happy Anniversary!

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