Caffeine-inspired gifts for those who love coffee!

Joe, Java or Brew – most good mornings start with a steaming cup of coffee and great ones always do. If you go gaga for your daily caffeine-fix (like we do here at MyList) why not create a gift registry that caters to your love of the hot stuff?

shutterstock_317485589Here, we’ve assembled some of our fave Java-inspired goodies to tickle your taste buds. Whether you consider yourselves caffeine buffs or simply appreciate a strong morning brew, we have you covered.
Start your day off right with this De’Longhi Coffee Grinder. With grind settings that range from coarse to fine, you’ll be able to make your coffee just the way you like it. Galeries Lafayette The Dubai Mall, 175 AED > Add to your list 
These exquisite Roberto Cavalli LIzzard Gold Coffee Cup & Saucer are mini works of art – save them for special occasions. Tanagra, 360 AED > Add your list
lizzard-expresso-cup-gold-roberto-cavalliIf you like your coffee with milk, this gorgeous Villeroy & Boch Anmut Platinum Creamer will be a welcome addition to your table – plus, it can double as a gravy boat! Galeries Lafayette The Dubai Mall, 272 AED > Add to your list 
Skip the early morning coffee runs and spend more time at home, cooing over your perfectly crafted Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato, thanks to Nespresso’s Umilk Pure Cream, which can conjure up your milky favorite at the push of a button. Galeries Lafayette The Dubai Mall, 1,195 AED > Add to your list
Enjoy an espresso made the old-fashioned way, with the Alessi Moka Espresso Maker, 6 Cups. This Art Deco-inspired, cast aluminum stovetop coffee maker is easy to use, and brews aromatic espresso in minutes. Tavola, 250 AED > Add to your list
Awaken your senses with this Pavina double wall glass from Bodum. It will keep your coffee hot without burning fingers and messy condensation. It works for iced coffee as well!  Tavola, AED100 > Add to your list
This drum-style Tracery Coffee Table is a brilliant fusion of modern form and Old-World embellishments and makes it the perfect addition to a modern home – and the perfect place to rest your coffee cup! Ethan Allen, 7,240 AED > Add to your list
If you fall head-over-heels for a traditional Turkish brew, then this stainless steel Cilio Turkish Coffee Pot is a must. The bonus? It’s great for frothing milk too! Tavola, 65 AED > Add to your list
To protect tables, enlist the help of these ultra-modern, stainless steel WMF coasters – they embody stylish functionality. Tavola, 175 AED for set of 6 > Add to your list 
Freshly brewed, aromatic coffee? With this modern Filter Coffee Machine by Siemens, your coffee will always come out right. Better Life, 189 AED > Add to your list
These sweet Dalal Arabic Coffee Cups are perfect if you’re entertaining. And, if you’re not? We say display them. O’de Rose, 85 AED > Add to your list
The beautiful Alfie Oriental Jug  is made of plated brass and keeps coffee hot for approximately 12 hours, meaning you can enjoy a cup or three before you start your day. Tavola, 1,080 AED > Add to your list
Don’t keep your love of coffee a secret – instead, sing its praises with this Multi-Coloured Coffee Pot Montage. Peas in a Pod, 299 AED > Add to your list
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