Your Kitchen Checklist

Stocking your new home may seem like a daunting task, but follow these simple steps to a perfectly prepped kitchen.

Many believe the kitchen is the heart of the home, and here at MyList that rings especially true! After all, it’s the place where families come together and where bodies are refueled and refreshed.



At MyList, we often get emails from worried brides-to-be, asking what items they need to fill their new kitchen. So, whether you’re starting from scratch or simply expanding, here are the items every home requires. Use this guide as a shopping list while you browse our kitchen selections – we promise you’ll be well, and stylishly, prepared.
1. Cookware
These are the cookware items every kitchen requires – register for these goodies and add those you don’t receive to your newlywed-shopping list!
Cooking Basics
Salt and pepper mills, Saucepans (varying sizes), Sauté pan, Cast-iron skillet, Baking dishes, Nonstick frying pan, Roasting pan, Paring knife, 8-inch chef’s knife, Bread knife, Meat thermometer, Mixing bowls, Potato masher, Whisk, Timer, Cheese grater, Vegetable peeler, Sieve, Can opener, Lemon squeezer, Salad spinner, Pestle and mortar, Ladle, Colander, Cutting boards, Wooden spoons, Spatulas
We Love…
Add to my List > Staub Oval Casserole, Tavola, AED1,150
garden trading-ceramic-measuring-jug-1000gr
Add to my List > Ceramic Measuring Jug, Harvest Home, AED120




Add to my List > Joseph Joseph Elevate Wood Carousel Set, Tavola, AED285
Add to my List > John Boos Maple Cutting Board, Tavola, AED390 
Baking Basics
Kitchen scale, Spatulas, Pastry brush, Pastry wheel, Round baking pan, Muffin and loaf tins,  9-inch pie plates, Measuring spoons (dry & liquid), Oven thermometer, Rolling pin, Baking sheets, Cooling racks, Flour sifter
Get them now…
Add to my List > Colour Work Measuring Cup, Lakeland, AED45
Add to my List > WMF Cooking Scale, Tavola, AED320
Add to my LIst > My Kitchen and Bake Cake Pan, Lakeland, AED56
850091 - magnetic retro timer red
Add to my List > Magnetic Retro Timer, Harvest Home, AED75
2. Appliances
 Now to think outside the kitchen drawer – consider registering for useful items from the following list, and make your life a whole lot easier:
Food processor, Juicer, Electric whisk, Blender, Coffee maker, Toaster, Kettle, Teapot, Microwave
Add to my LIst > Siemens Kettle, Better Life, AED299
Add to my List > KitchenAid Majestic Artisan Mixer, Tavola, AED2,999
Add to my List > U-Pure by Nespresso, Galeries Lafayette The Dubai Mall, AED750
Add to my List > Siemens High Microwave Oven with Grill, Better Life, AED2,099





3. Table Linens
 From tablecloths to placemats and runners to napkins, navigating the world of linens can be pretty confusing so here are some pointers…
  • Most tablecloths are made of linen or cotton, but other varieties can be found.
  • Terms like cambric or damask may sound fancy, but they refer to the weave and finish of cloth. So, decide what look you are hoping to achieve and don’t get overwhelmed.
  • Before purchasing linens, measure your kitchen table, including the height from the floor. Remember, linens should not hang too far from any side of the table.
  • Napkins vary in size from a petite 6 to a larger 24 So, decide what will suit your needs best – if in doubt, bigger is better in this case.
Check out…
Add to myList > Le Jacquard Francais Tablecloth, Galeries Lafayette, AED1,409
Add to my List > Personalised LInen Napkins, Coochy Coo, AED69







Add to my List > Chilewich Mini Basket Placemat, Tavola, AED55
Add to my List > Linen Table Runner, The Linen Souk, AED175
Discover many more inspirational kitchenware ideas on our website or in any of our partner stores. We offer brides-to-be an extensive array of gifts, with thousands exquisite and original brand items from more than 75 retailers & service providers as well as honeymoon and charity registry options.  Create your Wedding Registry now with it is very easy, flexible and free!



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