Our Dos And Don’ts of Wedding Registries

Composing your wedding registry is about more than just agreeing on which china pattern best suits your taste. So, to help you navigate the complicated world of wedding registries, MyList have complied all of the dos and don’ts to get your started.
Do Register Early
From the minute you announce your engagement, friends and family will be excited about choosing the perfect gift. Register in advance and aim to complete your registry six months before the nuptials. This way, guests will have plenty of time to choose the perfect present for the big day, but also for your engagement party and bridal shower.


Do Register For Plenty of Gifts
Definitely register for more gifts than you have guests, so that there are plenty of items to choose from. People prefer choosing from a large selection, and it allows guests to choose a gift that speaks to them. Before finalizing items, ensure you have registered for gifts from a wide variety of price ranges. Now, we’re not saying you shouldn’t include that divine $500-per-setting fine silver; it’s fine to include pricier items. But balance them with equally lovely choices that are more affordable.


Don’t Limit Your Registry
Don’t focus on your lifestyle as it is today. Consider things like your entertaining style, your hobbies and interests and what your life may look like in 10 years. It’s probable that you will be entertaining more in the years to come, so create a wish list of items: china for your first holiday dinner, a silver cake stand for your baby shower or elegant glasses for a New Year’s toast. Keep all of the special occasions in mind as you navigate your registry and you won’t go wrong.
Don’t Forget To Take Stock Of What You Already Have
While it’s important not to limit your registry, it’s just as vital not to register for things that you, or your spouse, already have. To decide what you need, create an inventory of the things you already own and start crossing them off the registry list.


Do Request Items That Reflect You As A Couple
While Grandma will probably faint at the thought of gifting you a tent as a wedding present, it’s perfectly acceptable if you and your spouse are lovers of the great outdoors. Foodie registries for budding chefs and honeymoon registries – where guests can, say, pay for you to go snorkeling in Maldives – are becoming increasingly popular.
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Don’t Eliminate All Time-Honored Items
While choosing registry items that reflect the modern couple you are is perfectly acceptable, there are limits. Feelings are still mixed on items like gadgets and electronics, which don’t fit into the traditional criteria as nest-building necessities. To avoid ruffling any feathers with your Great Aunt or old-fashioned Grandpa, throw in a selection of traditional items, like a china set, cheese board or bed linen to appease the old souls.

Tanagra Gift Guide-HBZI (Dubai United Arab Emirates){Photo by Efraim Evidor}/ ITP Images;27-10-14 Tanagra-HBZI;tanagra gifts

Do Let Guests know
Once you have registered all of your items, it is time to let people know. Many brides like to give your registry details to immediate family and wedding party and let them spread the word. Alternatively, you can include registry information on your wedding website or even design a announcement card. Since you know your guests best, decide which manner works the best for them, and is the most tasteful.
Do Review Your Registry
You should be automatically informed as soon as a gift is purchased from your registry – making keeping track super easy. If you notice that a lot of items from a certain price bracket have been purchased, add some more pieces in that price range. Make sure your registry can be updated and refreshed any time before or after the wedding, so you don’t have to worry if you just saw that stunning new sofa chair that just arrived in store.
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Do Write Thank-You Notes
After the splendor of your wedding, it will be a delight to write thank-you notes, expressing heartfelt appreciation for the gifts you’ve received. But, adding a personal touch and maintaining the sentiment from one card to the next takes focus, creativity and a lot of time. Always mention the gift by name and share a personal note on when you plan to use it, or how much you adore the color. You need to be prepared if you want to get the messages completed in a timely fashion. To help, start the job as soon as gifts begin to arrive and try to send out a thank you as soon as you can – but no later than three months after you return from your honeymoon.


Though creating a gift registry seems daunting – MyList offers a hassle free and simple alternative. With a wealth of wonderful gift options – from a safari in Tanzania to the Christofle Carafe you’ve been eyeing up – when it comes to crafting the perfect registry, we have it covered. Sound ideal? We thought so, so start building your MyList registry here!
More questions about registries? Check out our online Gift Registry A to Z for very useful information and tips.

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