Wedding planning little tips … from brides to brides

Planning your wedding and already overwhelmed by the millions of tips and advice everyone is throwing at you? From your mum to your wedding planner, to your best friend or even your favorite wedding blogger, everyone has an opinion on how you should do things.
So we thought: who would be the best persons to give you those real practical and relevant little tips to make sure your wedding goes as smoothly as possible? Real brides of course!  Fabulous brides who managed to overcome all the stress and panic attacks to make their big day as beautiful and magical as they dreamt it to be.
tips from bridesTip 1: Check the dress before the ceremony: I had the bad surprise to discover on the day  they that the hemline of my dress hadn’t been done! – Dorothea
Tip 2: Try your wedding hairdressing a week before to see if it holds… The enormous bun that the hairdresser improvised on the day quickly collapsed. Luckily I had time to go to another hairdresser to make up for it! – Jenny
Tip 3: Check that your future husband actually knows by heart everything he has to say during the ceremony. – Samia
Tip 4: On the eve of the wedding, we left to a calm place that only we knew, phones turned off: that way no one comes and freaks you out with last minute details!  – Maria
Tip 5:  We had planned traditional local songs for the night. However my husband’s family was not from the area, so we were scared they wouldn’t enjoy it. So a month before the wedding, we sent everyone a CD with all the songs and their lyrics. THanks to that, everyone happily participated during the wedding! – Sophie
Tip 6: Have a proper chat with the DJ to tell him exactly what style of music you really like and want for your wedding! – Lana
Tip 7: Take time to chat with your mum… my mum was more stressed than me and  I regret not having spoken with her about what my wedding represented to me. – Leila
Tip 8: We offered our guests a little present, “to make it last ” : a CD with all the songs we love. – Emily
Tip 9: My husband and I decided to use a part of our wedding registry to buy our wedding rings. It might sound unconventional but we loved the idea of our dearest friends and relatives being part of our union that way. I think deeply of them every time I look at my finger! – Ann
Tip 10: On your wedding day, be accompanied by someone you trust and who is punctual! – Michelle
Tip 11: Get organised and delegate the care of the end of the reception to friends and family. My husband and I had to wait for an hour for the musicians to pack all their instruments… – Nancy
Tip 12: Seat at least 2 people with good humour on each table! – Mona
Tip 13: Our wedding photographer did not come on our wedding day. He had a double booking, apologized and never called back. I wish I had called him the day before to confirm everything. Make sure to confirm and remind all your suppliers when they are supposed to come and what their are supposed to do! – Edna
Tip 14: Have your wedding photos taken before the ceremony so your guests don’t have to wait for you for an hour after. – Amal
Tip 15: Create a hashtag for your wedding, share it with your guests and make sure they use it!  When you saw all the pictures my friends and family posted, what a surprise! I could see how each of my guests had lived the wedding and what had been the important moments for them. Loved it!- Megan
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