Lovely pretty things

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure to sponsor the beautiful and inspiring Product Styling Workshop organized by The Engage Academy. The acclaimed blogger & stylist extraordinaire Louise Beukes and the very talented photographer Maria Sundin shared with the Dubai wedding industry some precious advice on how to make pretty pictures of basically any item you can think of, from a plate to a wedding cake to a business card.
So we took with us a selection of items from our favorite partner stores and gave it a go! It is just amazing what you can do with a piece of ribbon, pretty flowers and a little bit of imagination!
Thank you to Tavola, The White Company, O’de rose and DTales for their participation. You can add all those gorgeous gifts ideas to your wish list on our website:
Grey Cake stand, TavolaGrey Cake stand, available at Tavola
MariaSundin_Wedding_Photographer_Workshop_The Engage_Academy_BrideClubME_BlovedBlog_Bloved_Dubai_Al Badia Golf Club-9Stoneware Nesting Bowls, The White Company 
Golden Bowl, available at O'de roseGolden Bowl, O’de rose
MariaSundin_Wedding_Photographer_Workshop_The Engage_Academy_BrideClubME_BlovedBlog_Bloved_Dubai_Al Badia Golf Club-55Wooden Nesting Bowls, The White Company
Alessi Dressed White Set, TavolaAlessi Dressed White Set, Tavola
Discover all the beautiful images of the workshop of the Award winning UK wedding blog B.LOVED.
We also are a big fan of Maria Sundin’s work, so elegant, pure and natural. If you need a photographer for your wedding, we encourage you to have a look at her website Maria Sundin Photographer . Simply exquisite.
Thank you The Engage Academy and Bride Club ME for this great day!

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