Interview with Louma, Founder of Design by Louma

Hi Louma,  Can you briefly introduce yourself for our readers? Hello I am Louma Bardawil Bevaart originally from Lebanon, I am married and we have a lovely daughter Noor. Dubai is our home away from home. I arrived here in 2005 and joined as a graphic designer a reputable international advertising agency. As time passed, and with encouragement from all of my family and friends, I realized there was a big potential in the luxury invitation business so I started my company in 2013 and have been focusing on providing custom design work.
What is DESIGN BY LOUMA? DESIGN BY LOUMA is a graphic design studio set up by Louma (aka creative director) and a production team aimed to rock the luxury invitation world with tailor-made invitations and fun event stationery.
DBL_logoWhen and why did you start DESIGN BY LOUMA? DESIGN BY LOUMA started operating in January 2013, it grew out of the need to have beautiful tailor-made luxury invitations in a market that was saturated with printing presses selling templates rather than custom options.
What is unique about DESIGN BY LOUMA? We are a team of graphic designers & production gurus driven by creative ideas and beautiful craftsmanship. We welcome out-the-box ideas. We design and print our invitations in the UAE.
How do you correspond with the future brides-to-be and grooms? Once the couple contacts us, we discuss via phone call or email their inquiry. We organise a face-to-face consultation to start the invitation design process.
What nationalities are your clients usually? We have had a range of nationalities from local brides from all over the Emirates, to expatriates living in the Gulf and have even delivered our invitations to Europe and all other Gulf countries. Lately our business has started booming in Africa especially in Nigeria.
What is the average cost for wedding stationery? 100 wedding invitations will start at AED 4500 approximately but can go higher or lower based on the design.
What are the new trends for 2014/2015 Wedding season? Trends for the year 2015 are more daring colours than the expected ivory white, snow white & gold. Wedding invitations with a personal touch are on the rise, and that inspires designers to work with unexpected material such as artificial moss, copper plates, acrylic sheets amongst others.
In your opinion, what are the best advice you can give about creating your wedding stationery? My best advice is keep it personal and stay true to yourself. Wedding trends are a great way to find what you are looking for but they don’t need to dictate what you should choose.
What are the common mistakes to avoid when planning your wedding? I believe the biggest challenge remains the wedding budget and deciding how to go about it. Another issue is couples often leave the stationery part till the end and come to us with a very limited time frame to design, print and deliver not taking into consideration that these take more time than the decision process. So I tell my clients come early, 5 to 6 months prior to your ideal invitations delivery date.
What is your favorite Wedding memory? What is your worst Wedding memory? My favourite wedding memory remains my own as I worked on every single detail with my husband, and I am glad to say that I haven’t had any “worst wedding memory”
Jardin d’Eden silverware cutlery set by Christofle
What are the traditional wedding gifts? What is the most original wedding gift you have ever seen? A traditional wedding gift would be a set of silverware to get you started in your fine dining home collection.
Most original wedding gift: endangered turtles release in Bali
Most original wedding gift: endangered turtles release in Bali
The most original wedding gift I have ever seen, was the release in open air of 50 endangered turtles in Bali beach, offered by the guests in the name of the bride & groom.
Would you recommend to your clients? I am a practical girl and I do believe an online gift registry is the most practical way to send/receive wedding gifts. has a wonderful pool of vendors, I would surely recommend them.
What is the one piece of advice that you would like to give to our readers that are getting married? I would tell them stay true to yourself and plan in advance, the rest will all follow and this would create a timeless memory.
Contact Design by Louma for any inquiry.

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