Seychelles, an idyllic destination for honeymooners with MyList


 Thinking of the Seychelles Islands for your honeymoon? MyList gave you some information about this ultra romantic destination for honeymooners.

If you love nature, you’ll enjoy the exquisite diving and snorkeling sites.

Beach Wedding in the Seychelles
Beach Wedding in the Seychelles

• Geography
The Republic of the Seychelles is made up of a cluster of 115 islands that lie scattered across 950,000 square kilometres of the Indian Ocean. The main island is Mahe Island.

Yoga Session at Banyan Tree Seychelles
Yoga Session at Banyan Tree Seychelles

• Weather and Climate in the Seychelles

The Seychelles has a tropical climate with average temperatures around 28 or 29 Degrees Celsius year-round. Seychelles lies outside the cyclone belt, keeping the country safe from tropical storms. There are two seasons: from end of October to beginning of April, it’s the  rainy season; from beginning of April to end of October it’s the cool season with temperatures between  18°C and 26°C. Best time of the year: April or May

Kayak session

• Culture

With a total population of 81,000 people from everywhere in the World (Europe, Arabs, Persians…), the Seychelles is a big melting-pot with 3 official languages and a very diverse food.

Visit a tea plantation
Visit a tea plantation

• Tourism
Many cultural events are organised during the year, and mainly in April and May. 

Planning a day out to explore the Seychelles? Whether you are embarking on a mini-adventure in search of French colonial era houses, elusive bird colonies or giant land tortoises, don’t forget your picnic hamper.

Beach Picnic at the Banyan Tree, Seychelles
Beach Picnic at the Banyan Tree, Seychelles

Victoria is the capital of the Seychelles. Victoria market (in a beautiful 19th century building) is the local hotspot for the Seychellois people and the brightly coloured Fish and Fruit Markets are not to be missed, where you will discover a lot of local products (fruits, flowers…). There is also beautiful Botanical Gardens.

• Famous honeymooners in the Seychelles
Royal couple Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge spent their ten-day honeymoon in the Seychelles.

William & Kate before flying to the Seychelles for their honeymoon
William & Kate before flying to the Seychelles for their honeymoon

MyList and Al Arabi Travel Agency have partnered to suggest you a memorable honeymoon at the Banyan Tree Seychelles and its luxurious Hillside Pool Villa.

Hillside pool villa
Hillside pool villa

With its perfect elevated position, the Hillside Pool Villa is the perfect choice to enjoy the glorious ocean views and serene rainforest all around.


Banyan Tree Seychelles offers an intimate retreat experience featuring its own signature blend of romance, rejuvenation and exotic sensuality. The philosophy behind the resort is based on providing a place for rejuvenation of the body, mind and soul – a sanctuary for the senses. Treat yourself with a spa treatment in this beautiful environnement.


Embark on a short climb and sip your favorite drink with your loved one amid breathtaking views on a cliff overlooking Banyan Tree Seychelles.

Watch the sun set into the horizon as a private butler serves you in this natural enclave, ensuring a heightened dining experience to remember.

Bubbly on the rocks
Bubbly on the rocks

Need some help to organise your honeymoon in the Seychelles, contact Al Arabi Travel Agency and create your honeymoon registry on MyList.


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