Delightful Teacher’s Gifts from Mylist


Smooth away that creased brow, say good bye to the stress of coming up with ideas and endless rounds of the mall, battling traffic and coming back empty handed!

It’s actually quite a responsibility being a class Mom and pleaseing the rest of the 20 or so mothers and eager kids, when buying suitable gifts for the teachers.

Particularly as we stand poised at the advent of summer and the school year coming to a close, the pressure is high and very little time to arrange that fascinating off beat and unique gift wrapped in love for our children’s teachers. It’s weighing heavy on many Moms!


One of the precise reasons MyList Group Gift Service was launched, to make it so easy to choose from a huge selection of gift options that are guaranteed to melt hearts at no less than ten paces! We offer the very best in leisure, adventure, teasing the tastebuds or recharging at the spa.


Whatever your heart desire from a hot-air ballon ride to cooking with your favorite chef, we like to make it happen.

BAE Photos 006

Or better still present the teachers with a MyList Gift voucher that allows for maximum flexibility, since they can be used at 50 of our partner stores. We know how to bring on smiles and spontaneous laughter filled with joy:) we have sussed out the secret recipe to expressing appreciation and make someone feel truly special.


In fact we have done all the brainstorming, toiling, researching and sourcing, so you can simply log on to select and sit back and relax. Choose while you are in the comfort of your own home, soaking up a sensational sun tan at the beach or ordering off your iphone whilst waiting for school pick up!! Its never been so easy, each parent or child contributes and makes a selection online from one of our partner stores and can add a personalized message or gift card. Leave the rest to us, and enjoy the big thank you’s all around:)


Make a lasting impression with our avalanche of gift ideas, transform someone’s day with a little imagination and initiative:) Let us show you how simple it is to spread the gift of appreciation with a little bit of thinking outside the box!
Open up a whole new world of options at your finger tips, and add more quality and leisure time to your life.


Start living the MyList way! Its addictive and instigates a very quick following when your friends, family and teachers:) see how wonderful it is.

Happy shopping Moms, and don’t forget to treat yourself too while you are busy making wishes come true:)


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