Can I wear a seat belt during my pregnancy



Yes, yes and ….yes again!!

It is very important to wear a seat belt while pregnant if you are driving or not (unless expressly authorised by your doctor).

To avoid injuring yourself and your baby, though, the lap belt should be secured below your belly, across your hipbones. Never wear the lap belt across or above your belly. During a crash (even minor), the sudden jolt from a belt in this position could cause the placenta to tear away from the uterus.

The shoulder strap should be placed next to the abdomen, between the breasts and over the middle of the clavicle.

The more you are pregnant, the less you will feel comfortable while driving: Pregnant Izi Fix by Besafe is your answer to make sure that you fasten your seat belt properly!

Don’t forget to add it to your baby shower list now!


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