Interview with Clare Ebbs, from the Perfect Moment, Wedding Planner in the UAE


Hi Clare! can you please briefly introduce yourself to our readers?  I have lived in Dubai for 8 years now, in Dubai Marina with my husband Sam and 2 children – Taylor (2years old) and Summer (1 year old). I started off working in concert promotion and moved to corporate event management. It was after getting married 3 years ago that I realized my passion lies with Wedding Planning and I decided to turn my passion into my business.


What is THE PERFECT MOMENT? We are Wedding Planners offering a consultation service to assist couples bring their wedding dreams to reality.Wedding on the beach

When and why did you start THE PERFECT MOMENT?

I started the business in July 2011 as I could see a niche in the market for ‘one on one’ wedding management.

Al Qasr Wedding

What is unique about THE PERFECT MOMENT?

It is a boutique agency that prides itself on the ‘personal touch’. I pride myself on personally meeting ever couple that make an enquiry and will be a part of the planning process to ensure the couple receive all that they want from a Wedding Planner. I see myself as the ‘Fairy Godmother’ of wedding planning.

How do you work with the future brides-to-be and grooms?

I arrange an initial face to face meeting to discuss their needs. It may be that they require full wedding planning but I also meet many brides that enjoy contacting the suppliers themselves and want to manage the wedding but I will then offer an ‘on the day wedding planner’ service where I will be present on the day of the wedding to ensure all suppliers arrive on time, the venue is set as expected and guest management throughout the day.

Wedding rings

What nationalities are your clients usually?

Mainly European but I cater to all nationalities and it is fun learning about all the traditions each culture has.

What is the average cost of a wedding organized in the UAE? This varies depending on the clients requirements. I would say though that a minimum spend would be 50,000aed and there is certainly no maximum spend….you can go as adventurous as you like, after all this is your special day!


What are the new trends for 2013 Wedding season?

White and pastels colours, loads of candles….simple but elegant.

In your opinion, what are the best ingredients to organize a wonderful wedding? Guests! Having your family and friends with you to celebrate your marriage has to be the most important element.

What are the common mistakes to avoid when planning your wedding? Don’t go with the first supplier you find, shop around, you need to fall in love with their style and their personal approach – they will play a huge part in your day (eg photographer) so feel the connection.

What is your favorite Wedding memory? What is your worst Wedding memory? Every wedding brings happy memories, it is of course a day of celebration and a couple declaring their love for one another infront of their loved ones.

Wedding ceremony

What are the traditional wedding gifts? What is the most original wedding gift you have ever seen? I find that couples getting married in Dubai do not want material items as they may have to travel home with them if based Internationally so vouchers and ‘treats’ are a great idea. Donations towards your dream honeymoon is also a lovely idea.Wedding bouquets

Would you recommend MyList/ a gift registry to your clients? Yes of course, I absolutely love the concept and have already used the service for couples. It is a great way of asking for gifts that you need….and not getting 10 photoframes!

Wedding venue

What is the one piece of advice that you would like to give to our readers that are getting married? Sit with your partner and discuss what it is that would make your perfect day. Is it the location, who is there or the catering for example that will add value to the day? Make sure your wedding is what ‘you’ want and not what family members think you should do…it is your special day and you want it to be ‘the perfect moment’ !

For more information or to ask any question to Clare, follow this link.


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