A new partner store: Dubai Gifts / Mukul Goyal

You will now find original decorating items by Mukul Goyal on MyList.ae for any occasion.

Have a look at some of their items on our catalog.

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Mukul Goyal, FRSA (Fellow of Royal Society of Arts, London), alumnus of Domus Academy, Milan, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and IIT-Kanpur is amongst the leading product designers of India.

He designs objects which are available under his signature at stores across the world.

His repertoire of design is full of objects for the home. They are distinctive and stylish, funky and functional and include desktop accessories, serving ware, drink-ware, objects for the living area, lighting and home décor.

His inspirations are drawn from everyday life and his designs are a blend of traditional materials with contemporary expression, uncomplicated yet exuberant – a simple story but always told with a twist! The quirky designer ‘sees potential in stretching the regular world’ and the fun element in all the items is destined to spark discussions.

Mukul is concentrating on the mystique of metal with chromed brass being his chosen medium. Some of the items are complemented or embellished with black aluminum, stainless steel and even granite.


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