Time for …teachers gifts!!

As the school year is coming to an end, you might be wondering how to best show your gratitude to your child’s favourite teacher. Any present is always appreciated, but teachers are human too (true! Even if your child is certain of the contrary) and some presents are more highly rated than others.

A mug or pen definitely comes in handy at the start of a teaching career, but I bet you anything that a teacher with 15 years of experience could easily open a souvenir shop with the many cups and soft toys accumulated over the years.

However, and it’s a big however, being original can also mean spending a lot more money than one intended to in the first place.

Mylist offers a group gift service which is a good way to end up with the competitive parental nightmare: every child contribute to a global group gift and can leave a personalized message to the teacher.

MyList will deliver on the day you choose the gift you selected or gift vouchers to be spent in any of our partner stores. You can also add a card with all the pupils & parents messages and a flower bouquet!

I’m sure MyList will be the answer to all your end of school year woes!

Teapot concept by WMF (Tavola)
Hire Tomas Reger, our private chef for a dinner at your teacher’s home.
A cultural gift: visit DIFC art galleries with Dubai Day Tours
You can also find gifts for male teachers!
Skultuna cufflinks available in D-Tales (DIFC and Ibn Battuta)
Original animation production cell for a cartoon lover: available in The Cartoon Art Gallery (Al Quoz)
Lattice Cheese Board and Knife (Dubai Gifts)

Do not hesitate to browse our catalogue to find more gift ideas or to contact us if you need some help or advice.

You can start to create your own teachers’gift.


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