Choosing presents for children

The frenzy of buying Christmas presents is over so I thought it utterly appropriate to discuss the question of finding the right present for a child. No, no, don’t thank me… it’s My pleasure!

Just like adults, children have preferences, which generally come in phases. At the moment my daughter is into colouring pencils (to draw on the furniture…) and small things to hide in strange places (pencil in the washing machine, paperclips all over the floor). You could also give her a box of buttons and she would be entertained for a long time! I’m hoping the next phase will be playing at hoovering the floor for mummy…

I was browsing through’s list of gifts and thought I could give you a selection of toys for different occasions/children.

For a child who likes to imitate his/her parents and who has a lot of imagination, here are a few gifts available on MyList:

For more outdoorsy and active children, here are some excellent presents:

If the child likes to sing, shows a clear interest to music:

Parents will always thank you for introducing more noise into their homes...

Remember to check with the child’s parents if the present is appropriate. Those in search of a quiet life might not take too warmly to the idea of a five-year-old equipped with a set of drums…

Whenever I “Skype” my sister and nephews who live in Dubai, she seems to either be on her way to or back from the beach! (yes, I am jealous…)

Here are a selection of presents which would come in handy on the beach:

When it’s too hot to go to the beach, here are a few things to keep children occupied with more focused activities:

Make sure you check for more exciting items and feel free to leave comments!


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