MyList survey results

MyList team wishes to thank all of those who took the time to answer their survey a couple of months ago. It gave us invaluable information and insight into your lifestyles and interests. This was of course taken into account when deciding how best to meet your needs.

Here are a few interesting figures:  83% were female, and 59% were aged between 30 and 40 years old. All continents were represented.

To the question What are your favourite activities?, 28% of those surveyed ranked Traveling to discover the region as their first activity of choice. Spa & Leisure came second, followed closely by Water sports.

Ranking of respondents' three favourite activities.

Your shopping habits were also investigated and not surprisingly, it appeared that a great majority of you had used internet shopping in the past. We also asked you what you usually make a present of for three important occasions:

Items bought for a wedding gift.
Items bought for a Birth gift.
Items bought for a Birthday gift.

I recognised my own experience in these figures.

I was particularly interested to see what the question “In your country, is it common to set up a gift list?” would reveal. It seemed much more common to register a wedding list than a birth list, but what specifically struck me, was how widespread this “tradition” was.

All of those surveyed appear to have used some kind of gift registry before moving to the UAE. For the vast majority of you, the experience seems to have been a very positive one. Ease of use and assurance to please are two features, which would best describe your vision of a gift registry.

There is nevertheless one recurrent comment, which caught our attention: gift registries/lists can be cold and impersonal. Indeed, for someone particularly creative, a list can seem restrictive and frustrating. Still, MyList aims to overcome this by offering personalised advice and access to a wide variety of stores and brands. We seek your comments and opinions in order to adapt our service to your needs.


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